One Last Adventure – Festival of Museums at the University of Edinburgh

Expand your horizons and question your perceptions with this year’s Festival of Museums weekend at the University of Edinburgh.  Come and explore earth, space, and time with the hidden treasures in our collections as we will dive into the past and look to the future through a series of adventurous events.  Strike gold with our Geology collection, discover a pirate in the Anatomy collection, and see if X really marks the spot on one of our rare maps.  Travel to India with a lesson on the sitar, explore the connections between maths and art, and get creative with one of our hands-on workshops.  All of our events aim to challenge your understanding of museums and will take you on an adventure of discovery through our collections.

Our events will run over the three days of the festival, with many of the activities taking place in the University’s spectacular Anatomy Lecture Theatre and Museum.  Workshops will include activities such as mathematical jewellery making, animation and photography and our seminars will highlight the adventures of academic explorers in the University.

Booking for all our events is now open! Just click on the events and tickets page to find out more…

If you can’t make it this time follow us @CRC_EdUni or on our Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out on any future events!

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